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On April 25th, Prof. Guan from Beihang University gave a lecture talk on laser processing and micro-processing, including the application of high-power continuous laser in welding, cutting, additive manufacturing, and the fine processing field of pulse laser in advanced manufacturing and remanufacturing. Her talk mainly focused on the mechanism and application of laser surface treatment and micro-processing against a variety of different materials, from the different aspects: 1) Research on the application of laser cleaning of hard-to-remove surfaces in remanufacturing field; 2) Laser polishing technology for alloy materials, focusing on the analysis of the thickness of the melt layer, the thermal effect of the matrix, and so on; 3) The use of laser technology to fabricate functional micro-nanostructures, such as super-hydrophobic/hydrophobic surfaces, heterogeneous material connections, mobile electronic devices and flexible display devices.