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The School of Mechanical Engineering of Jiangnan University is the earliest professional in China to train senior technical personnel in light industry machinery and packaging engineering. It has a high reputation in China. In the 1970s, the college began to train graduate students in mechanical engineering disciplines; in 2003, establishing the master's degree and doctoral degree of packaging engineering under the first-level disciplines of light industry technology and engineering was approved by the Ministry of Education, and it became the first master's and doctoral degree training in packaging engineering in China.

The School of Mechanical Engineering has good postgraduate teaching resources and research conditions, and has the following basic research platforms.

One second-level doctoral degree authorization point-----Light industry machinery and packaging engineering (discipline code: 0822Z2);

One one-level academic master's degree authorization point one-----Mechanical Engineering (discipline code: 080200);

One independently set up second-level academic master's degree authorization point ----- packaging engineering (discipline code: 0802Z1);

Two professional master's degree authorization points-----Mechanical Engineering (Subject Code: 085201) and Industrial Engineering (Subject Code: 085236);

Beyond that, Mechanical Engineering includes four directions, which are Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Design and Theory, Machinery Manufacturing and Automation and Light Industrial Machinery.

The Packaging Engineering includes four directions, which are packaging process and machinery, food packaging technology and safety, transport packaging and packaging materials and products.

Mechanical engineering (professional degree) includes five directions, which are modern mechanical design and manufacturing, mechanical and electronic engineering, light industrial machinery, packaging technology engineering and modern manufacturing engineering management.

Industrial engineering (professional degree) includes four directions, which are advanced manufacturing system, management information system and enterprise informationize, production operation and quality management, and modern logistics engineering and packaging.

The college has 8 doctoral tutors (including 2 outsiders), 47 master's tutors (including 1 external student), and more than 460 graduate students (including in-service master students).

The details about master's degree and doctoral degree are as follows.

Professional code

Professional name

Doctoral degree

Master's degree


Light Industry Machinery and Packaging Engineering



Mechanical Engineering



Mechanical Engineering



Mechanical Engineering (professional degree)



Industrial Engineering (professional degree)


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