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Profile of Junyuan College (Mechanical and Electronic Engineering)
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       Junyuan College was co-established by Jiangnan University and Tang Xiangqian Special Education Fund as a subordinate college to Jiangnan University in a joint effort to promote innovation of patterns and improvement of quality in talent cultivation. In December, 2010, Jiangnan University signed a contract for the establishment of Junyuan College with Mr. Tang XiangQian, a reputed Hong Kong industrial entrepreneur, followed by its inauguration ceremony in April, 2011.Junyuan College will be built on the basis of School of Mechanical Engineering of Jiangnan University under the financial support from Tang XiangQian Special Education Fund and the dean takes full responsibility of its operation under the leadership of its board of directors. In July, 2011, the Ministry of Education approved the program of Mechanical Engineering and Automation (featuring Mechano-electronic Engineering) of Junyuan College, Jiangnan University to be listed under the "Distinguished Engineer Plan".

      The "Distinguished Engineer Plan" is designed to cultivate excellent professionals of practical, innovative and internationally competitive engineering competence while Junyuan College is operated on the education principle of engineering —"being oriented to the industries the future and the world" to meet social demands, to focus on imparting knowledge and developing ability and to foster a steady flow of distinguished engineers with strong innovative and practical ability and all-round development of expertise, ability and quality in the field of mechano-electronic engineering for our country. Moreover, Junyuan College values both the improvement of engineering techniques and professional morality of its high-level engineers and technicians who are cultivated with an emphasis on their "solid foundation, rich practical experience, strong ability and distinctive individuality".

      Every year, 60 distinguished freshmen enrolled for the program of Mechanical Engineering and Automation will be selected as students of Junyuan College for the program of Mechanical Engineering and Automation (featuring Mechano-electronic Engineering), who will study on campus in a separate class for three years and have a one-year-long internship in enterprises (the "3+1” model) in line with the "Distinguished Engineer Plan" for Mechano-electronic Engineering majors. An integrated curricular system of "Mechanics + Electronics + comprehensive courses "together with field practices will be launched to cultivate high-level engineering professionals strong in industrial automation and control technology ,robot technology and numerical control technology and sufficiently qualified for the design, manufacturing, test, development, operation and maintenance of mechano-electronic products and systems.

    Such favorable policies as the tutorial system, the project system. Junyuan Scholarship and the priority of recommendation as postgraduates without examinations are carried out in Junyuan College. We have every reason to believe that Junyuan College will prove to be the cradle for distinguished engineering professionals in the field of mechano-electronic engineering and the ideal place to pave the way for your splendid future.